Well that was easy

I have to say, I put a lot of ducks in a row just in case for the Palp event, but I was only going to progressively ramp up my team until I got to the minimum required to grab him so I could focus on the other upcoming events.

That being said, with a G8 Jyn (L), G9 Old Ben, G8 Ezra, G9 R2, and G8 Chirrut, all of them except R2 with junk mods, I beat it first time through and at full health. At no time was I ever in danger of losing someone.

To anyone fretting over 7* Palp, I would say his 7* fight was not even as hard as the 6* R2 battle.


  • FN777
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    I just came back to the game after a long break from it. His 6* battle was 10x harder than his last. I was amazed how quickly I finished the last one after losing a few characters in the 6* battle.
  • look on the bright side you have a good rebel team now. That’s how I felt after overkilling thrawn. Phoenix is a great team.
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