Thank you devs for some good work

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edited November 2017
Don't get me wrong, I still have quibbles with a lot of things about this game (challenge gear is still in AAT reward boxes; Wicket/Talzin progress schedule is ridiculous; QoL and mod management needs work; guild communication is poor without a third-party app, etc.).

BUT, last night I decided to try playing the game using what I consider a pretty decent pair of earbuds (I'd almost always played it silently or rarely through my phone's speaker), and I was genuinely surprised at how good the sound design is. Stage sounds are atmospheric, SW sound effects sound right, the repurposed movie music fits well, and the original music doesn't sound out of place.

So yeah, the sound design was a whole lot better than I was expecting from a mobile game. Thanks for putting good work and effort into that. I'm sorry that I've only just now noticed it.


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