Character Idea: Riot Control First Order Stormtrooper

With the new movie coming out, here's a third FO toon idea by me.

Riot Control First Order Stormtrooper
Dark Side, Tank, First Order

Vigorous First Order Tank who auto Taunts and grants team Defense bonuses.

Z6 Riot Control Baton- Basic Attack
Deal physical damage to target enemy with an 80% chance to Stun them for one turn. If the target is Resistance, then this chance is increased to 100% and inflict Potency Down for two turns.

Electric Smash- Special Ability- Cooldown: 4
Deal physical damage to all enemies and Shock target enemy for two turns. Then, a random First Order ally who doesn't have Advantage gains it for one turn.

Shield- Unique Ability
Riot Control First Order Stormtrooper gain Taunt for one turn at the start of battle and whenever an ally scores a critical hit. First Order allies gain +40% Defense until Riot Control First Order Stormtrooper is defeated.

Watcha think?
Also I have 21 and counting sheets of character ideas... I think I need help


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