Boot Inactive Guild Leaders

I was in a guild for a long time where the guild leader went inactive. Some people I know do not want to leave the guild and it really impacts the enjoyabilty of the game. You aren't able to boot inactive officers or make new officers. It kills your chances at TB etc.

If a guild leader has not been active for 15 days they should be demoted and the most recently active officer promoted to guild leader.


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    If your guild leader has been inactive for a set length of time (I think it is 2 weeks?) an officer in your guild can file a ticket to have ownership transferred, but that's the only way it will happen.

    It is a good system to a point. If you want the guild leadership passed on, you have to show more motivation than the inactive guild leader ;)
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    How do I contact EA. I am an officer in DARTH inVADERS. Our guild had a lot of defections and our leader hasn't been active in 26 days. This is hurting our members and our guild.
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    @McVader use the in game help button in the settings menu to contact EA Help.
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