82m+ Adventurers inc, T7 raids on farm, mid 30s ls tb, I'd 30s ds tb

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Are you a mid lvl player looking to get serious about the game? Do you have 1.2+mil gp and your lowly guild isn't quite getting enough done? Would you like 3 heroic rancor a week and to watch heroic tanks drop like clockwork? Do you want more than 30 stars in tb and your current guild keeps falling short? Due to recent events a few places have opened up in our family type atmosphere guild. And we are looking to replace some with better standings. We have the tools to progress. We have great information and advice and any good listener can advance fast here. But we aren't looking for dead weight. We are looking for active, loyal members to get us to the next level. 6* capital ships are a big plus. Even if you only have 1 light side 6* cap ship that is great. Please apply now or message @GhostTruckin for more details. Or you can @Barmuka_1 and we can get the conversation started. Thanks in advance
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  • Also looking for people who have hoth twins captan han solo and possible commander luke skywalker. As these people can help the guild team player mentality much more
  • We are heavily american-based looking for solid players to add to our core we have both raids on Farm
  • A little update, the guild is full, however as anyone notices in time participation after a while ends up dropping a little. We have a few members we are looking to replace with totally active members. Our current guild gp is 82m. We are looking to stay around that mark. We are usually 35+* on ls tb and 32+* on ds. Haat drops easily. Rancor is a joke. We do have a non 7* raid han night every other pit. Haat is ffa except p4. We wait to give everyone a chance to at least tag. We are a solid knowledgeable group. And usually easy to get along with. Message myself or @GhostTruckin to put an application in today. We look forward to your correspondence
  • Still looking for the right people
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