Princess Leia 2*

She seems very difficult to star up. I like her skills though is she worth including when I have other characters available at 4*?

My other characters are
Asajj Ventress
Savage opress
Luke skywalker
Admiral Ackbar
And Talia


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    She is terrible and squishy at 2* I have her as well at 2*. I only run her if I had a taunt and when the taunt is down. She's hiding in stealth for two turns.
    Pretty good collection of characters so far and GROWING
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    Hate to be the bringer of bad news but I have her at 5*. She is still squishy. Granted her stealth helps that disadvantage but her whole purpose is that crit buff so manually playing her I have to bypass a complete turn for stealth. No thank you. And if AI plays her it automatically uses her stealth buff first leaving the crit buff to be cast in the second turn plus she loses an attack. That's the whole first turn with my whole teams cooldowns available yet they can't utilize her buff. Long story short the princess got shelfed.
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    Leia is also quite difficult to get from Gear V to Gear VI.

    You need like 20 of the Purple gear and those drop rarely. Other heroes didn't need Purple Gear until tiering Gear VI to Gear VII. Not sure why Leia is one the few that does.
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