Ashoka Tano (Fulcrum) Missing from Fleet Arena Store after the Update (11/22/17)

I don't know if anyone else is having this same issue but for some reason I haven't seen Ashoka Tano Fulcrum's shards available in the Fleet Arena Store since the update that took place on November 22nd (I updated it immediately). Only one other person to my knowledge in my guild had seen her in the Fleet Arena Store. I'm at 85/100 shards towards 7*ing her and am eager to purchase her shards as I have saved some currency aside for that very reason. If someone could message me back about this or any info associated with it then that'd be great. I'd really appreciate some sort of insight on this. Thanks for your time, Joe :)


  • She's there, I finished her yesterday
  • just checked, she in in my fleet arena store now. Row 5 first spot.
  • I haven’t seen Jyn in the guild shop either? :/
  • TVF
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    I got Jyn today. They added so many toons, of course the old ones aren't going to show up as often.
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  • She's there. Saw her today. And jyn is defo in the guild shop still. It's going to be a slow farm. Has anyone seen baze in the guild events store?

    @Gaaazzzaaaa yes. I've seen him recently. A few days ago iirc. :) I have him 4* so far.
  • Well, apparently the Fleet Store was using some sort of an old "Jedi Mind Trick" on me (waives hand in the air like Old Ben)... Lol. ATF wasn't in the store for a while for me (ever since the update and even looong before that) however she was in the store the past few times so I finally made my ATF 7*. :) Yay! lol
    Anyhoo... @Kyno This thread can be closed now. Thank you in advance. ;)
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