Deathtrooper Mark bug

I already saw topics about that but then it was moved somewhere else not even in this forum. But I would like to have another point.

The bug is this one : once the deathmark is removed, you cannot still select someone else to target for 2 or 3 more turns. From what I read it happened to people during HAAT phases : 2, 3 and 4.

It happened to me during phase 4 and today it happened during my match in DSTB. So it is a bug that is not only occuring during HAAT.

My two cents.


  • Happened to me too in dstb. Once applied the quadruple cleanse team removed but I was stuck targeting them
  • Same here, it looks like this problem occures in every single aspect of the game... I hope devs will debug this as soon as possible...
  • I'm so glad there is no bugs section on here anymore so bugs are mostly unknown to everyone who actually comes to the forums that was a great move of content
  • It’s been like this for a long time. Devs said it was WAI. It’s probably a good thing because the defense will play it better that way, even though I hate it on offense. It’s frustrating to have to use a debuff or high damage attack when you know he’s going to die on the very next attack anyways.
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