3 small ideas to help players

I'm going to throw these into the pile of the already huge list of ideas from the other players. Hopefully a DEV or MOD might consider them useful.

In the Character Inventory listing: instead of saying "Characters" on the line with the 2 filters, make that area a third filter. We already know we're in the Character Inventory because we tapped (or clicked) the icon to get in there. Make the "attacker", "healer", "support", and "tank" into a separate 2nd filter. So only have the factions and "favorites", "activated", and "not activated" as the primary filter.

In the Character Inventory listing: we have our total Galactic Power at the top right hand corner. But that number includes ships. Could we have the Galactic Power only calculate based on what's on screen? So that if you filter by faction or function, the Galactic Power will give you that value. For example, if I filter for "Jawa", the GP will tell me the value of only my activated Jawas.

This feature could be duplicated for the Ships Inventory as well.

Since we've gotten a few "time saving" upgrades for the game, maybe this would help as well. As the precedent set with LS, DS, and Cantina battles, if you can 3* a node, you can SIM it. For Assault Battles, if you have already 3* it, do we really need to go through the whole thing again? OK, fine, it's supposed to be a challenge, and we as players need to earn the "bigger than usual" rewards. What about just playing the 8/8 stage if you can 3* it? If the DEVS feel that we need to earn that right, maybe if we 3* the Event 3 times, then we can just do the 8/8 Encounter. Obviously most players would be at Level 85 anyways, so we're already benefited from the latest time saving features.

Comments, critiques, opinions?
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