First spot number 1

Guys who agrees current system is not working. 15 mins before timer resets everyone jumps on game n starts hitting. Cause so many people do it it's hard to get match up as there busy in battle or someone is busy battling you. So almost all the time unless luck is on ur side u can't hit number 1 spot. Number 1 spot is largely due to time management n less to do with ur squad set up or skills. I'm currently lvl 49 running two healers n three hitters n can smash lvl53 player who normally makes it to first spot when times not a factor. Rankings should be changed to incorporate a different more balanced system than how good is ur time management ability!!! It should be based on stuff like your average stats: winning time, how many squad members you had left, your level vs oppo lvl and so forth. I've only been playing a few weeks n I'm totally addicted I know the game has bugs n is not 100% so I'm not complaining but I feel this needs fixing. This is especially important as the longevity of the game will be in PVP live realtime player vs player battles. PS I see a lot of hate for Barris n duko on forums people asking for nurf solution. To this my answer is play snakes n ladders instead cause this game must be well over your heads if you can't figure out how to deal with them. I can't believe u are actually asking for them to be dumb down. It's obvious to me that the players complaining are to dumb already. First ever post is over. Great game n I enjoy reading the forums!


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