85 million GP guild 49/50 and also looking for 5 active players around 1m GP for sister guild

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Hi all,

We are currently building a sister guild for our main guild of 82.5 million GP and are looking for daily players around the 1 million mark.

Raids, sister guild is currently doing heroic rancor and supported by the main guild for HAAT between Territory Wars and Territory battles.

We don't expect 600 raid tickets every day but we do expect participation or to let a guild leader / officer know if you are away on holiday or super busy in real life.

We are pretty chill but you will need discord to communicate or have important messages from the guild and organisation.

The guild is called the 'Porkins Alliance' and is currently 33/50. We can take larger groups if needed. Guild GP is 32 million at present.

Raids : Rancor, 24 hour zero damage and rotation for 1st and 2nd each time so best rewards are shared between every guild member.

HAAT : 24 HOUR REG period and usually will finish after the 24 hour mark. Timezones are not as important due to 24 hour reg period and focus on guild strength + improvements,

Between the main guild and the sister guild there is a community of 83 players, all eager to help with questions, squads to work on, strategies for your arena / ship shard or just general star wars chat.

If you do have any questions please let me know or if you and a group of friends are interested we can incorporate large groups

Thanks all
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