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"Hiya Holotable Heroes! Here are the Game Updates for 12/6/2017"

Rey (Jedi Training) is arriving soon in Galaxy of Heroes! This Resistance hero is embarking on a journey that will change both her and the Galaxy. Rey (Jedi Training) will unlock through the eagerly anticipated Hero's Journey event as a Seven Star character. To begin the journey to unlocking Rey (Jedi Training), players will require the following:
  • Rey (Scavenger)
  • Finn
  • Veteran Smuggler Han Solo
  • Veteran Smuggler Chewbacca
  • BB-8
(To complete the event, players will require the above characters at seven stars)
In order to accomplish this, we've brought back BB-8's Legendary Event! We've updated BB-8's Legendary Event to include a new, additional event - the Mythic Event! Upon completing the Legendary "Pieces and Plans" Event, the Mythic "Pieces and Plans" Event will open to players and run for two days during the course of the Legendary Event. In the Mythic version, players will be able to replay the original Legendary Event final tier, play a new, more difficult tier where they can take any characters in, and a new third tier that reverses the encounter! Best of all, the new Mythic Event is recurring - meaning every time the Legendary Event returns, so does the Mythic Event. For more information on the Mythic Event, please read on.


Mythic Events!

With this update to Galaxy of Heroes we introduce our newest event type: Mythic Events. Frequently requested by players, a Mythic Event is a way to replay a previously completed Legendary Event! Mythic Events are max-level content that will only appear once you’ve completed the Legendary version first. Once the Legendary version is completed, the Mythic Event will unlock immediately and become available to play as long as it is still running. Here are the details:
  • Mythic Events share the same name and theme of their Legendary cousins, but have altered content. The first Mythic Event will be Pieces and Plans (BB-8). Future content updates will add new Mythic Events over time.
  • Mythic Events will run over the weekend during which the Legendary is live. So if you have completed the Legendary BB8 Event Pieces and Plans you will see the Pieces and Plans Mythic Event on this coming weekend of December 9th. If you haven’t yet unlocked BB-8, but manage to do so before the end of the weekend, you will still be eligible to participate in the Mythic version.
There are 3 tiers in each Mythic Event:
  • Tier 1 Is the same content as the final tier of the Legendary Event, including all cutscenes, dialog, and squad requirements. As a bonus, once this tier has been completed with a 3-Star victory, it can be simmed (no more waiting through cutscenes and dialog if you do not want to!).
  • Tier 2 Is the same battle as Tier 1, but removes all cutscenes, dialog, and squad requirements. Ever wanted to see how the Empire would fare fighting the Resistance in Pieces and Plans? Then the 2nd tier of Mythic Events is for you!
  • Tier 3 “Flips the script” and tasks you with forming a squad based using the Event’s Legendary character and their allies to fight the faction you used to unlock them. For Pieces and Plans, this means forming a squad of Resistance with BB-8 included and battling the First Order in the ruins of Maz’s castle. Mythic Event 3rd tiers are extremely challenging, and gear 11+ and powerful mods are highly recommended.
Each Tier will provide mods as rewards. The mods will be guaranteed 5-dot, and B-A Rarity (Purple – Gold). Mods will match the sets from mod challenge requirements which are thematically tied to the event. In the case of Pieces and Plans, which uses Resistance and First Order, the mod sets will be Speed and Offense.
Additionally, to reward the extreme challenge of Tier 3, limited Gear 12 equipment salvage will be earned. We hope you enjoy the new Mythic Events!

Pieces and Plans (Mythic Event)
  • Begins: December 9th
  • Minimum level requirements: 85
  • Notes: Requires one Squad of First Order, One Squad of Resistance, and BB-8

In preparation for Rey's Hero's Journey, please enjoy double drops from 12/8/17 through 12/09/17 (12:00AM – 11:59PM Player Local Time)! You can find these double drops for the following Character nodes:
  • Finn
  • Rey (Scavenger)
  • Veteran Smuggler Chewie
  • Veteran Smuggler Han

The following content listed below has rotated locations in accordance with the Character cadence:
  • Nightsister Spirit > Chromium Packs
  • Nightsister Zombie > Chromium Packs

We have re organized the Platoon Requirements for the first three vertical slices of the Rebel Assault Territory Battles. For more information, please see the link below:

Rebel Assault Platoon Requirements for Vertical slices 1-3 (ships & units)

For a limited time only, all players, above the specified minimum level requirements, will have the ability to purchase the following bundles:
  • Jedi Starter Bundle
  • Dark Side Starter Bundle
  • Rancor Raid Strategy Bundle
After 12/15, these bundles will turn off and will only be available to new players who progress to and reach the minimum level requirements specified!

Faction Pack- Nightsisters
Power up your Nightsister characters today with this limited time offer NIGHTSISTER FACTION PACK!
This pack awards TWO cards worth of Nightsister shards - one from the original set of Nightsisters (Old Daka, Asajj Ventress, Nightsister Initiate, Talia, Nightsister Acolyte), and one from the newest group of Nightsisters (Mother Talzin, Nightsister Zombie, Nightsister Spirit). Each card is worth between 10-330 shards!
Card 1 - one of the following:
  • Asajj Ventress
  • Old Daka
  • Talia
  • Nightsister Acolyte
  • Nightsister Initiate
Card 2 - one of the following:
  • Mother Talzin
  • Nightsister Zombie
  • Nightsister Spirit
1099 Crystals
No purchase limit
Minimum Level requirements:20+


The Force awakens Ultimate Bundle
Power up your Resistance and First Order characters with the NEW limited time Force Awakens Ultimate Bundle! This limited-time offer unlocks 5 powerful characters from the Resistance and First Order factions and will help you towards completing Rey's Hero's Journey. This bundle also includes bonus Crystals, Credits, and Training Droids to help you start improving these characters.
Bundle Contents:
Character Shards:
  • Kylo Ren: 80 shards
  • Finn: 80 shards
  • Captain Phasma: 50 shards
  • Poe Dameron: 50 shards
  • Rey (Scavenger): 80 shards
  • Credits: 500,000
  • XP Droids: 40 3* training droids
  • Crystals: 1000
Maximum 1 purchase
Minimum Level requirements: 28, with a 16 day timer (so bundle unlocks at L28 and disappears 16 days later if not purchased)

Veteran Smuggler Bundle (Han Solo & Chewbacca
Unlock or power up the duo of Veteran Smuggler Han Solo and Veteran Smuggler Chewbacca with this special VETERAN SMUGGLER BUNDLE bundle! These two Scoundrels are a great fit for a wide variety of teams and are required for Rey's Hero's Journey.
Pack Contents:
Character Shards
  • Veteran Smuggler Han Solo (x50)
  • Veteran Smuggler Chewbacca (x50)
  • Credits: 1,000,000
  • XP Droids: 90x Tier 4
  • Ability Mats
Maximum 1 purchase
Minimum Level requirements: 20+

Jedi Starter Bundle
A new limited-time offer has unlocked for the Jedi in the Store! Get shards of the powerful Jedi Knight Anakin, Mace Windu, and the Jedi Consular, plus the bonus Crystals, Credits, and Training Droids!
Bundle Contents:
    Character Shards:
  • Jedi Knight Anakin: 40 shards
  • Mace Windu: 80 shards
  • Jedi Consular: 25 shards
  • Credits: 125,000
  • XP Droids: 30 3* droids
  • Crystals: 500

Maximum 1 purchase
Minimum Level requirements: 12, with a 7 day timer (so pack stays visible for 7 days after it first appears).

Dark Side Starter Bundle
In the Store for a limited time only, purchase this DARK SIDE STARTER BUNDLE to start your journey towards the Dark Side! Includes 4 characters that will help you form a party to fight the coming battles ahead! This bundle is available to all players over lv 12. After this time period, this pack is permanently in the store, but can only be purchased for 7 days for each incoming cohort, starting when they reach Level 12.
Bundle Contents:
  • Character Shards:
  • Count Dooku: 50 shards
  • Royal Guard: 20 shards
  • Snowtrooper: 20 shards
  • Talia: 50 shards
  • Credits: 200,000
  • XP Droids: 10 3* training droids
  • Sim Tickets: 100
  • Crystals: 200
Maximum 1 purchase
Minimum Level requirements: 12, with a 7 day timer (so pack stays visible for 7 days after it first appears)

Rancor Raid Strategy Bundle
Prepare your collection for the Rancor Raid! This bundle, in the Store for a limited time only, includes 3 characters who have special abilities and synergies that are perfect for taking down the beast and earning big rewards with your guild. This bundle also includes bonus character shards and resources to help you power up your new characters.
Bundle Contents:
Character Shards:
  • Qui-Gon Jinn: 50 shards
  • Teebo: 50 shards
  • Luke Skywalker (Farmboy): 50 shards
  • Credits: 210,000
  • XP Droids: 42 3* training droids
  • Sim Tickets: 50
Maximum 1 purchase
Minimum Level requirements: 23, with a 7 day timer (bundle appears when players hit Lv23 and disappears if not purchased 7 days later)


  • The Elite icon has been updated! What used to be the Deathmark/Skull icon on Elite enemy units is now a unique icon to better distinguish them in battle.
  • Fixed the Dark Side Territory Battle points table to give the correct amount now.
  • Territory Wars Preview Events: Fixed issue where players couldn't scroll the strategy text on event panels.
  • BB-8: BB-8 no longer screams like R2-D2 upon defeat.
  • BB-8: "Roll with the Punches" Zeta upgrade will now correctly call a Resistance ally to Assist when BB-8 attacks out of turn before his first turn.
  • Resistance Trooper: Ability description of "Guerilla Tactics" has been updated to correctly describe ability behavior. Ability functionality has not changed.
  • China: The Traditional Chinese translation for "Resistance" in the unit filter screen has been corrected.
  • Germany: The German translation for Wicket's Zeta unique ability description has been fixed to say 50% instead of 30%
  • Germany: The German translation of the inbox "Dismiss" button has been corrected.
  • Corrected inbox message issue with new Guild Commands issued for Hoth - Imperial Retaliation TB.

Rey's Hero's Journey

Thank you for your patience 8D Forum Guidelines
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