Veers zeta?

I tried a zthrawn (l), death, palps, shore & storm in arena last night and held at 88. About 20-40 places better than normal. Seem OP - all at 6* apart from dt & palps, and only palps & thrawn at over gear 10. So, question is - do I zeta veers and bring him in instead of palp? Team is incredible fun to use!


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    You could do this but Troopers are not viable in arena in late game regardless of leader ability. I tried a couple of teams/times and even at speed ~200 they cannot compete with meta teams (even on offense) or high end Rebel teams.

    I think you should use your free Zeta to improve other teams/toons.
  • That's a fair point, but I'm now at the stage where enjoyment of the team matters as much as rank. Meta teams bore me! I just enjoy Empire teams, even if my ranking suffers for it.
  • I am using a zzThrawn(l), zDeathtrooper, Krennic, Shoretrooper and stormtrooper and by using my 5 attacks I stayed in top 20 everyday and I beat CLS team easily.
    All 7* except Krennic, Thrawn, Deathtrooper Gear 12 and the three others gear 11.

    Veers will be useful for Dark side territory battle, once you have colonel starck ^^
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