Health and Potency doesnt change after I zeta my Darth Sidious

Hello guys,

I zeta my Darth Sidious on Dec 5th but its health and potency doesnt change.. i'm wondering if its a bug and what should i do now? i've contacted technical support and i was suggested to post my problem on forum then developer can see it and help... plz help with my issue cuz i really dont want to waste those rare zeta materials..

well thanks in advance..


  • I think it applies in battle but don't quote me
  • It is a character passive ability so the changes are applied during battle. You should notice the difference in his health bar and in how many of his dots/exposes stick.
  • There is no problem. The stats on your screen won't change. Special abilities that alter stats like that are calculated after you enter a battle. You will notice his health bar is drastically changed after you enter battle vs what it used to look like.
  • Thank you folks for helping! but actually i didnt feel a obvious change during the battle after i zeta him.. so maybe just because he's kind of weak?...
  • hS_
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    He is weak as f***. Well not that weak one of the best members you can have when running DOT Zader team. He is fast so usually starts first, gets some dots and exposes also chance to get them off some TM. Decent tankines and self heal so zeta helps here. Basic goes thru armor sometimes so with high CC+CD deals some good damage. But looking at the character standards nowadays he is far off. You have to have some self regen+prot.-gain, tm-gain, dispell, ultimate-damage, fit in any squad, be as annoying d*ck as a character can be etc. Tho there is far more better zeta characters out there, like OP Han.

    Thumbrule, If character does not have 10 pages of explanation text in every abilitiy what it does - that char blows unless it is a rebel. :)
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