FTP light side team (mid 40s)

Chewy, consular, lumaria, and ....

Seems to me that I want attackers for the other 2 slots. Currently jawa and resistance trooper. What's a realistic replacement for one or both of those guys? Working on old Daka in cantina, so it would need to be arena (currently working on getting Sid his 5th star) or GW (currently working on getting lunaria her 4th star),


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    Luke maybe? And work on Resistance Trooper, now he's farm able. I need to get him really, but he's a beast.
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    Luke is good and keep upgrading Jawa a bit. You're gonna need his anti-Droid abilities soon.
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    Thanks guys.

    The thing with Luke is that he requires cantina energy that I need to get chewy up to 5* and eventually consolar to 4*. Since I'm going to keep working on jawa and RT (as per your advice), maybe I should hold off on Luke a bit?
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