Content Update 12/14 [Mega Thread]



  • xGriiMErZ wrote: »
    And as soon as CLS event drops again, no one will care about rey

    except that this Rey will counter Luke. But I don't even have a 7* BB8, so I was never in the parking lot, never mind the stadium.
  • I'll join in as well here - seconded!

    I got to see the movie late last night and woke up this morning with an excitement to keep the party going!

    Tier 1 and done :neutral:

    Positive feedback:
    Thank you for the 50 crystals. Thank you for Kylo unmasked.

    Negative feedback:
    1 battle does not a celebration make. Taking away subscription crystals with the addition of reduced farming times for required characters is pretty terrible on your part. Random feedback - it is a slap in the face to both Finn and Poe that they have to share a jacket, please fix this without having to buy or farm another team.

    Honestly - I can't believe the same team that made the CLS event would agree to this event.
  • I think less than 5% of all the players played the tiers 2 of rey event .... Is this how you celebrate a new star wars movie ? With cls , most of the players could have played 3 to five tiers . Congratulation !!!
  • Nikoms565
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    Naw wrote: »
    What a disappointment.

    We were told we can participate by just having Scavenger Rey. Got to do 1 battle out of 7 in the event.

    That felt like a celebration. Where are the Flash Events? Why only 1 Tier?

    Seriously folks, two thumbs down from practically every guild member in my guild.

    Yep. 100%. "Pay-to-Play" (or "Pay-to-Rey") is the new model moving forward apparently. Trust EA/CG to figure out how to keep alienating your player base. See BF2 for examples.

    "We're having a celebration!!! Oh....but you have to pay to participate in it. Don't want to drop $30 on a pack + a vault or two? You're not invited."


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  • Fix the LAG!!
    Update, upon pack, upon broken things and still no fix to the lag, the number of times purchases have been nearly costly cos of this is ridiculous.
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  • Only thing I see here is an event that maybe 10 % of the player base can participate in and that they nerfed Finn. Good job
  • So no new content to go with, new movie.? Just an event, for ea share holders!
  • It says "Who's in Command? One only has to Look", that pretty much tells me maybe Luke's Hero's Journey is back or they'll go with Empire Strikes Back, needing Commander Luke, General Leia Organa, Commander Han Solo, Hermit Yoda and maybe a new version of Chewbacca or perhaps Lando which will introduce Jedi Training Luke; but maybe not, well, that's what I'm thinking
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