Devs we need to have a serious talk about balance

I understand the concept of power creep but that is separate from the absolutely lopsided game advantages given to one side. You have juiced the LS with so many steroid like powers in this game it is absolutely truly astonishing nobody choose to pump the breaks on it and realized how lopsided you were making this game. It’s only natural to be a fan of Star Wars and even a particular side of the force but you have made the lightside utterly titanic and that is not proper game design. DS can put together a few teams that are really good still but you let LS put together 10 teams at least that can wreck DS across the board with multiple metas and that simple fact is proof you don’t try to balance anything. This isn’t power creep even slightly, it’s power leap and it’s all given to the lightside of the game. This game would be more fun if there was an actual FREE DARKSIDE HERO JOURNEY like LS has 5 of 7 of and one requiring darkside that LS has 5 of 7 of as well. You kick your DS fans in the goody bag every month and make us compete from behind a $$$ wall that the LS doesn’t have to. Can we get some balance to the dang force FOR ONCE IN A YEAR PLEASE???
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