Attention New Players!

I've seen a massive influx of new players, thanks to The Last Jedi, which I find incredibly awesome. Welcome aboard!! A lot of us have been playing this game for 2 years and we're always happy to see new players join. I love helping out new players, and have a few tips for all you newbies...

1) Check out the guides in the Guides & Resources section of this forum. The one by @wawrzon is particularly good.

2) Search this forum for a guild to join. There are TONS of things to help you advance that you can ONLY get from guild activities.

3) Download the app discord. There's a ton of servers on there that are helpful, and a wealth of knowledge from veteran players. I'd love to chat with you about the game on there if you're interested. My username is The Rev#8481 (be sure to use caps and include the space).

4) Search YouTube for some channels dedicated to SWGOH. There are some great ones out there. Find me on discord if you need some recommendations.

Have fun! I'm no expert, but I'd love to answer some questions and just talk SWGOH with any new players if you are interested. Enjoy


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