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Hi all,

I am getting into these forums a bit late and am asking for some direction. I'm currently lvl 30 with a handful of 3 and 4 star characters. Which guide (and how far into it) would be best for me to start following as F2P?
What I have so far:
Mace Windu 4*
Clone Wars Chewie 4*
Talia 4*
Kylo Ren 4*
Jedi Consular 3*
Count Dooku 3*
Farmboy Luke 3*
Resistance Pilot 2*
Royal Guard 2*
Nightsister Acolyte 2*
Snowtrooper 2*
Clone Sergeant - Phase 1 2*
Ewok Scout 1*
Jedi Knight Anakin 40/80
Vader 23/80
Finn 20/80
Various shards under 10



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    Step 1: Make an account on and link to it instead of typing out your roster. You will save yourself and everyone else time :).

    Step 2: Do a little searching for posts by other new or returning players. There's plenty of advice out there for who to focus on and what teams to prioritize.

    Step 3: Have a general sense of what characters are decent and worth investing in and which should be left behind or developed secondarily. Here's a good start: Some, like Clone Wars Chewbacca and Jedi Consular, are not good end-game characters, but they can play a good role when you're starting out. But just know they'll eventually be eclipsed.

    Look to eventually build some faction synergy: a team of rebels, empire, etc.

    A full squad of some of these factions are needed for legendary characters, who are gained through events that only come around every few months. (For example, you need a Phoenix squad for Thrawn; Rebels for Palpatine; Empire for R2-D2; FIrst Order for BB-8; Jedi for Yoda.)

    Another eventual need is a squad of scoundrels. You'll need them to complete credit and training droid heists, which will give you the resources you need to develop everyone else.

    As F2P (I am too), crystals are pretty hard to come by. When you're new and don't have many characters yet, Chromium packs can be an OK investment. But they're always a gamble. The further on you get, the more worthwhile it is to just use the crystals for refreshes of cantina and normal energy. You can usually get more shards that way and you know who you're getting.
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    gufu21 mentions many good points.

    My advice is go all-in on the phoenix squad characters, because until you get to be high level (or at least past level 60-70), they will be your primary farming team. Phoenix squad will help you in many areas of the game, light side battles, cantina battles, arena and especially galactic war (your main source of credits when you unlock it). They will help you get many needed characters, not just thrawn (probably the best dark side character in the game), but also emperor palpatine. They are also useful in raids, rancor phase 1 and aat phase 2.

    With what you have, i suggest you use either clone wars chewie or dooku as you team leader, use them both in your arena and cantina battles team until you get the phoenix squad, your team comp would be like this: Either CW chewbacca (leader), kylo ren, dooku, jedi consular and windu. Or dooku (leader), CW chewie, kylo ren, consular and windu.

    The credit/training droid heist events are very important also, for that i suggest this scoundrel team: Boba fett (leader), lando, stormtrooper han, IG-88 and cad bane, all of them found in locations that do not overlap with each other, except IG-88, he is in the same location as stormtrooper han. If you are in doubt about who to farm first (phoenix or scoundrels), farm one team to 5 stars first then the other to 5 stars (fx scoundrels at 5 stars first after unlocking phoenix squad), but until you have phoenix at 7 stars keep scoundrels at 5 stars (i clear the last tiers of heist events with 5 star scoundrels easily).

    After you have farmed and developed these 2 teams, it will be easier and faster for you to farm and develop other and better characters, as well as get ready for important events.

    P.S. Gear level is important, a 5 star gear level 9-10 character, is as strong as a 7 star gear level 7 character. And daily activities rewards will help you.
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    I'm beginning to be tempted to start reccomending Dengar in the guild store to new players as a scoundrel for their credit heist team.

    He unlocks at 2 star and is very common in the guild store. The fact that he unlocks at 2 star means he can help at the first credit heist that comes along. Theres nothing in the guild store that is a priority in terms of phoenix or scoundrels.

    He isn't a great character but boba sth and lando carry you in later credit heists anyway.
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    Naraic wrote: »
    I'm beginning to be tempted to start reccomending Dengar in the guild store to new players as a scoundrel for their credit heist team.

    He isn't a great character but boba sth and lando carry you in later credit heists anyway.

    He is actually very useful, i still use him in my credit heist team, even though i have other and better characters.

    As for the video ion_onerann posted, yes it is a good and helpful video, but i still recommend that you farm phoenix squad and a credit heist team first.
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