Need direction advice

Came back to the game recently and over xmas I netted myself a few gift cards I intend to use to farm either shore, kru or baze.

I already have shore and kru at 3*. On baze I have nothing. I have enough for one zeta.

I currently have:

Phoenix 6 * and R2 * 5, and Sthan 7* (though wiggs and chirrut would be an easy farm for me).

Krennic 4*, Veers dt 5*, and st 7*. I would also likely have Thrawn at least 6* next time he comes around.

FOO FOTP FOST 3* and old kylo 7*.

Which of these 3 options would be the most useful moving forward?

Would it be better to wait and see where kru drops?

Is there any chance shore/baze will be made easier farms?

My main focus is arena and raids.

Thanks in advance,


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    Well keep farming to 7* r2d2, he will still be part of the meta in the next 6 months at least. The same goes for Commander Luke Skywalker, the needed toons for him are (farmboy) luke skywalker, old ben, ST Han, princess leia and r2d2, all of them are needed at 7* to unlock CLS.

    You have most of them on the way to where they need to be, so here come the crossroads for you, who else will be part of the meta for next 6 months, or 12 months for that matter? You can be sure that jedi training rey will also be part of that meta and bb8 as well, the needed characters for JT rey are (scavenger) rey, finn, bb8, veteran han and veteran chewie, just like with CLS all of them need to be at 7* to unlock JT rey.

    My advice is first finish farming the first option (rebels), they are always good in all game modes and arena, fx i still see wedge and biggs teams in top 200 and even in top 100 arena. Not to mention all phases in raids.

    Next focus on first order and the toons needed for JT rey, what i see climbing the rankings right now is JT rey (leader), general kenobi, r2d2, bb8 and CLS. The new meta team in my opinion. With regard to KRU, i do not think you should wait for him to be available f2p, keep farming the first order toons that you can farm, even if he were to become f2p soon, you can always use the other FO toons for platoon deploys in territory battles, or as cannon fodder in territory wars.

    Then finish farming the second option (empire), they are good for several phases of raids, especially phase 3 HAAT. As for the hard nodes you mentioned, baze and shoretrooper, baze is not critically needed anymore in my opinion, go for shoretrooper instead. The reason people rave about baze is because of him and chirrut together are monsters, but shoretrooper and deathtrooper can fulfill the same synergy as chirrut and baze, one heals and taunts and the other dispells enemy buffs, plus deathtrooper´s deathmark is insane.

    This way you can have all toons needed for CLS and JT rey events before the next time we see those events, plus you will have all kinds of toons that help you in arena, galactic war and raids as well as territory battles, after all of these i suggest you focus on toons needed for light and dark side territory battles.

    Was this useful for you?
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    Yes thanks, very.

    I've heard conflicting opinions regarding FO and empire, with many saying to focus empire over FO due to empire (Thrawn, dt , st , shore and Krennic) being able to counter JT rey teams and being more useful in TB and such.

    What would you say makes KRU more worthwhile to buy through shipments than shoretrooper? I like the idea of a full KRU led FO squad and tried to get opinions on it which varied from them being great to being useless and squishy. I also get the feeling they require a large amount of zetas to compete compared to empire.
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    First, forget about what other people say about territory battles, that is end game content, you are just now getting ready for the top tier content (tier 7 raids and heroes journey events), as far as i know. You will get to territory battles eventually, in a fairly short amount of time i might add, if you simply stay on target about your farming priorities.

    Just so you know, i do not use first order, i do not even have kylo ren developed, so my knowledge of them is based on my fights with them in arena and galactic war.

    Some may say that empire are better in arena than first order and they talk about counters to JT rey, but that is still just theory crafting right now, besides do you want to go for what is optimal or what you can have fun with? You decide that, i will simply say what is a more effecient use of your time and resources to get to that goal. So which faction do you think would be more fun for you? Though true, that empire AI is more effecient in arena, and that they have more debuffs and damage out of those debuffs than first order, first order is more crit based than empire is, but then FO has plenty of assist attacks or double/counter attacks. And just like thrawn can stop a toon for a while, KRU can also stop a toon for a while.

    And to answer your second question, KRU in shipments/packs or shoretrooper... Well my opinion is that i would rather farm shoretrooper through his hard node, because i get both him and his ship, it is a very good ship, much better than empire tie pilot´s and gar saxon´s ships. So if i would be willing to spend crystalls or money, then i would spend them on KRU in stead of shoretrooper, because i think i would get more out of both toons that way.

    As for the team being squishy and those things, well except for a few more toons than FO, empire is also fairly squishy, it is just that the damage from debuffs weigh that out in their favor, just like assist and double/counter attacks weigh it out in FO´s favor. So i would suggest pick one and go all in on speed mods.
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    I mentioned empire for dstb on another thread the op started. I just want to be clear I was reccomending empire because of character depth and Thrawn the dstb was a bonus not something to focus on.

    Farming first order is a bit of a bet as we are certain to see new characters rolled out but we dont know how good they will be and what roles they will take on your team.
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    Thanks GloriousFool. Shore is a very long grind for me non shipment so im planning to get shore to 5 * at which point i believe he will be viable enough and then decide whether to max him or switch to KRU instead.

    Sorry about the duplicate thread, I tried to delete this one but couldn't find a way. I agree with you Naraic, FO does seem slightly more like a bet than a sure thing as much as I enjoy some of the characters. KRU himself is a sure thing, but I worry about how much the FO squad will get mixed up in the future. I've come to the opinion that empire would be a safer bet for now.

    Thanks again for the help both.
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    You need your pheonix at 7* and gear x to 7* thrawn ( it's doable at a lower gear but a cake walk at gear x). Other than that focus on your rebels.
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