A New Schwarts HAAT 52 million GP Come get GK shards

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A New Schwartz is looking for one player to fill our ranks for the next TB. We are part of the Schwartz guild family, consisting of 6 HAAT capable guilds of various roster strengths.

We are an active, social guild with a friendly atmosphere. ANS is currently sitting at 52m GP with 49 members. We are looking for 4 members to replace some inactive. We are a semi-casual guild we don’t require 600 daily but we expect you to log on and do something.

The ideal candidates will meet the following requirements:
- 1.0m+ GP - Is active on discord and willing to follow instructions
- Has an updated swgoh.gg profile
- Is a team player
- Prefers pie over cake (this is negotiable)

More info about our guild:
- HAAT is FFA at 1:00pm EST
- Rancor is one attack per person at 4:00 pm EST with a 15 minute grace period before damage is posted.

If you think you would be a good fit for our guild, please contact me on discord and we can chat! Discord ID is Fuji#0597
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