Another "help a new player" thread, sorry!

Hi all,

Hope I have done this right. I have been playing for a couple of weeks, hopefully my roster is below:

I was going along quite nicely at the start, but now am hitting a bit of a brick wall progression wise. I know most games like this can do that, but just wondering if there is anything glaringly wrong with what I am doing, as I can't seem to get further in the story missions now.

Looking around, it seems maybe my focus on Chewie and Counsellor is not the best idea? I seem to have concentrated on baddies and that has left my Light Side team a bit lacking. I read about the Pheonix Squad, and also Scoundrels, but I seem to not get many character shards from missions (past three days I have run the Talia Cantina mission 15 times, two shards received) so it will take me quite a while to get the characters, let alone level the stars? If that is the answer "it's gonna take a fair while" then that's fine, I just seem to have hit a bit of a wall.

Thanks for any advice!


  • LynnYoda
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    have a read through that there is some great advice in there on who and where to farm to build a decent squad.
    also get a guild who do as high tier rancor as you can higher tier / better gear + rewards
  • Naraic
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    For people who are doing well in both arenas and have a crystal income above 450 crystals a day they would generally spend those crystals refreshing cantina energy three times and normal energy 3 times. They will probably do an earlier (stage 1 or 2) cantina mission 60 times a day and average 20 shards. They would pick up about 15 in the cantina shop 15 in galactic war 10-15 in arena shop and some extra shards in the guild store.

    Just some ballpark numbers about maximum income rate of shards. Yes it takes time for guys to hit 7 star.

    Regarding the story missions just get some big allies and let 7 star level 85 wedges and palpatines carry you.
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    Ok thanks guys. I read about using crystals to refresh energy rather than gamble on packs, so will try that as well.
  • Liath
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    Yeah, it just takes a long time to do anything in this game.
  • GloriousFool
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    Just one advice from me, yes as others have said it takes a while to upgrade/farm toons, but make sure to farm gear as well, even if your team is not a high star count, they can compete with high star count teams so long as your toons´s gear level is high enough.

    P.S. Daily activities rewards will help you a lot.
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    That's helpful, thanks. Lots of things to spend energy on so I will make sure gear hunting is not neglected.
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