R2 or Raid Han for Arena (Gear and Zeta)

I run CLS (G12), R2 (G10) , Ezra (G11), Old Ben (G11), and—wah wah—QGJ (G11) in arena. I rank in the top 20. I have questions about who to gear and who to give a zeta.

I have the gear pieces to take R2 to G11 right now.
I am only short 20 mk8 biotechs, 50 stun cuffs, and 20 mk4 holo projectors to take Solo to gear 11. That's a few days (4-7, I guess). I don't think I can pop him in arena until G11.

So, should I take R2 to G11, extend the gear farm time for Solo, and keep QGJ in there for now? Or should I wait a few more days and take Solo to G11 and use him to replace QGJ?

I am sitting on a zeta. The only zeta on my arena team right now is CLS IBAT. Should I zeta Solo or R2's Number Crunch with my zeta?


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