Rogue 1

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Who are the other 2 toons people use in their rogue 1 squads?

First 3 being Jyn and Chaze


  • Cassian and K2-SO
  • TVF
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    Bistan and SRP because I'm a glutton for punishment.
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  • Cassian is crucial and K-2SO is awesome
  • TVF wrote: »
    Bistan and SRP because I'm a glutton for punishment.

    Ditto, plus they have a Rebel ship. Chirrut & Baze are still sitting with 0 shards, and forever will.
  • TVF
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    I just unlocked K-2SO this week lol.
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  • I use cassian and k2, theyre my only ones with 7*.

    With jyn lead and the bonuses from tb platoons, stacking 6 exposes on a elite snowtrooper and one shotting him is VERY SATISFYING
  • cassian srp
    baze doesn't taunt enough in longrun tb missions
    so i need a secondary tank. k2's taunt is so volatile so i prefer srp
  • Jyn Cass K2 Bistan Pao ... because I can, that's why! But they won't get you through LSTB P6. You need to replace Chip & Dale with Laurel & Hardy.

    ^^^ dude, nobody knows who they are
  • Salsc
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    I'm having trouble with P6 mission as well...

    zJyn (G10), Cassian (G11), K-2SO (G11), Baze (G11), Chirrut (G11)...decent mods...

    I can kill a couple troopers, even with 4-5 elite, and come quite close to pulling off a win but no dice. I think if my guild were able to fill all the platoons (stupid holdo, hoda, etc) the squad might reliably win. However, what would be the next best 1-2 things I could do to help guarantee a win on the P6 mission? I'm assuming G11 on Jyn will not make a significant impact, but would probably do it as well as something from below:
    • zeta K-2SO?
    • Replace Baze with SRP?
    • Replace Baze/Chirrut with SRP/Bistan? (more damage)
    • Replace Baze/Chirrut with Bistan/Pao (much more damage + exposes + TM for Pao from K2 counters)
    • G12 everyone (hoping to avoid this for now as I have other toons which are needed for more important things that need the gear)
    • Other suggestions?

    Thank you
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