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If we cannot get true PVP and we are stuck with PVAI, I would like us to be able to customize our teams AI. I understand the AI will never be perfect but simple fixes like being able to pick our teams kill priority, tanks/healers/supports/DPS, focus fire single target or don't focus fire. It would also be nice if we could turn off abilities or at least pick the first move our toons would do, like with Nute I can turn off the detonator and Leia's stealth. Maybe my Meta is full of Old Ben and I want my Yoda to meditate first every round. I would like to see a skill priority list that we can select. Several toons aren't viable because the way they play on defense and this would also help solve that issue.

The easiest fix is just to add real PVP but if we are stuck with this, some customization would be helpful.
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  • Agree, at least give us an option with a countdown whether or not we are going to accept the challenge and fight manually, else let the AI do the fight.

    For the manual fight, time is determined by the challenger, if the time runs out, he lose and everyone keep their previous rank.

    I think most of the top players are online during their arena payoff, so why dont let them play manually?

    To provide highly developed AI just like the one in chess game is not an easy task. Unless you are going to provide that, please let us play manually.

    Thank you.
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    Perhaps adding some simple switches (or selections) for us to order our initial character attack/buff sequence, thus allowing us to set Ability 'traps' for challangers (and hopefully keep them at bay) and giving us some sense of control of our team when we are not able to control them. The AI is pretty good now, but we spend a lot of time (and some of us a lot of money) on these teams, and it would be nice to have some control.

    Switches Can be adjusted to alter our players' Attack Ability Sequence preferences (basic, special 1, special 2) and Target Type preferences (tank/jedi/support/droid,etc) to make for an ever changing challange in PvP.

    I really do enjoy this game. Thanks
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    One battle in arena today had two healers that used their heals when healing immunity was on them both. Right one after the other. I probably would have won anyway, but no one would waste two character moves on heals when they wouldn't be effective.

    Again, I'm not complaining because it let me win the match easier, but it isn't "right" Lol ;)

    Another thing that gets me is when I see an AI character burn their special move on an enemy that is almost dead. This annoys me most when it's my own guys fighting on auto, but I'd be furious if I saw my guys doing it when someone else was fighting me in arena (and I know they do, I just don't have to watch it).
  • Great idea, if live PVP cannot be implemented then this is the next best thing. AI is god awful in this game, all you need to do to place in arena is sniping a position at the right time.
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