Dual Leader Arena



  • Ztyle
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    Sounds interesting, but as long as arena ranking is structured like it is now, I couldn't give a flying banana split, if it got implemented or not
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  • Woodroward
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    Yes! Add dual leader arena, I don't care how!
    jhbuchholz wrote: »
    Actually, yes. You've admitted to manipulating the poll to potentially give you information the respondents aren't aware they're giving. It's natural to ask questions and expect a response in this situation.

    It's also clear that you're not willing to share. I don't take it personally but it will cause me to read future ideas of yours with a bias. I'm sure you're ok with that so I'll move along.

    Good luck with your poll.

    I don't think it is natural to expect a response when asking for the hidden information because someone says they are getting extra information by keeping some information hidden, but to each their own.

    If that does make you have a bias towards this poll, you should probably look at all future polls you participate in with that bias... not just mine. As I said, this is a common practice.
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