Changing Targets

I am having trouble changing targets by selecting with finger - is there a way to tab through them? Or an alternate way? Pretty frustrating...


  • Just touching them works. Are you sure one of the opponents such as Chewbacca are not using a taunt?
    Look, good against pvp is one thing, good against the living, that’s something else.
  • Having the same problem here. My a3 seems to be too small? Many times i click on target and it doesnt focus. Most of the time happening when the target stands ,,behind,, other targets.
  • Thanks for the reply - just need more practice. It would be nice if there was an alternative way to cycle through targets provided a taunt wasn't active.

    Sometimes I have issues targeting the rear top/left opponents (no active taunt).

  • Its in the Known Issues list of bugs.

    Not trying to be a forum **** or anything but it is proper etiquette to run a search first to avoid creating duplicate threads, I know a lot of people don't know this so no harm no foul. Heres a similar thread created yesterday because a guy failed to check the Known Issues section.
  • My favorite part is having a character almost dead, but can't select them forcing me to attack someone else resulting in me losing the battle where I would have won. Ridiculous.
  • Thanks Camalus but if you read closer you'd see I am having different targeting issues than what came up in my searches/your link. A simple fix for allowing the ability to cycle targets instead of only being able to select them with your finger would be nice.

    The person in the thread you linked was having issues with AI changing targets unwanted for them.

    I know this is stupid, the problem is my fat finger on the screen lol.
  • I've experienced this too. Continuously pressing on the character until it selects usually works. It's a pretty rare issue for me though.
  • I have the same issue from time to time
  • There have been some threads about this and it's very common bug! Also very annoying, have lost some battles because of it. I have tried all kinds of tricks to make it work, but only thing that works sometimes, is that I select auto battle and hope AI target's the target, that I wan't, then deselect autobattle and the cursor is where I wan't it to be
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