xJedimindtricksx looking for 1 new member 83.5 mill gp

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xJedimindtricksx are looking for 1 active players to fill us up before ds territory battle starts.
Some quick details about us
83.5 mill gp
Hitting +31 stars in territory battles
Both heroic raids on farm, zero damage until 8pm central the following day.
Guild reset is 6.30pm central US
We run an organised discord server with our sister guild, lots of information shared and pinned for all to access.
We do not force people to farm certain characters, or have to do 600 tickets per day. How you play your game is up to you.

What we are looking for
Active players, especially in territory wars and territory battles
6* capital ship or
1.5 mill gp, but this can be waived for 6* capital ship.
Willingness to join discord.

Please message me here, or you can ally invite me: bacon ears - 745 686 479
Thanks for reading


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