Light Side Battle: Tatooine L5-f(Hard)

What kind of lineup should I use to defeat this level to move on to level six in the lightside battles. It is the seperatist droids. I am getting owed down. Any suggestions?


  • Stuns/daze helps, or a droids mortal enemy Jawas, or eth koth/ ugnaut
  • Just get a couple allies who are high level, there's even a few threads for that in the 'New Player' section. Any node up to 8, maybe even higher can pretty much be solo'd by a single max character, especially if you give them a second complimentary leader ability.
  • Jetlife
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    Play lower levels to earn gear and level up before going to levels that are to high powered for yourself
  • Dr_Valance23
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    Thanks guys, all my powerful stun toons are Dark Side(Vader, Dooku, Masked Kylo Ren). I have the Jedi Consular, and luminara Unduli as my healers and force blast stun. They usually get mowed down early on. I will check out the new player section.
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