Attacks and abilities

I am unsure if you are aware that leveling up past 4 on this abilities isnt working, or works everyonce in a while. As i have plenty of characters at lvl 3 and some higher whwn it opens a chance to upgrade and yes i do have enough material to upgrade and i am not hindered by being to low of level.. it seems to be with certain people or just me.. but i am playing against players that have lvl 5 on all their abilities and i stand no chance.


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    I've seen the same thing, I had Savage and luminara both able to upgrade their basic attacks to level 5, I upgraded luminara and still had enough materials to upgrade Savage but the ability to upgrade disappeared. Their specials are at 5 so leveling past 4 can be done assuming your at a high enough level but it seems that there is a bug. I spent the materials on other things so I can't see now if he can be upgraded. I'll check tomorrow when I win some more materials to have enough.
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