Active guild looking for 3 more players.

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Hello there,

I am a representative of the guild Empire Strikes Front. We may not be a guild that is high up on the ranking tables but we always strive to be better and are looking for help with that. As of the time that I am writing this post, we currently have 92 million+ GP and 3 slots are available for players to join.

We encourage players to participate fully in every event, if at all possible, and those that do not are unfortunately kicked.

We are able to complete both Heroic Raids with ease and we have a 24 hour limit of 0 damage on both of them. The Raids usually occur every few days at 9pm UK time ( As we are a UK based guild )

On TB we average around 30* on LS and 35* on DS. These may not be the biggest amount of stars but as I said we are constantly aiming to better ourselves and our rosters. Leia and Probe Droid shards can also be farmed.

We struggle a bit on TW but we are beginning to get used to a new strategy of which requires strong Sith or Nightsister squads. Not all members of our guild currently have these squads but we are encouraging them to do so.

The requirements to join our guild are;
- At least 1.7 million GP
- Be active almost every day
- Be able to contribute energy and gear to the guild
- Have strong squads to help in TW

We understand that not all of these requirements can be met but in some cases we are willing to compromise.

If you meet any of these requirements and would like to join our guild please feel free to message me on here but if our guild does not appeal to you then I wish you luck in finding a new one.

Thanks and may the force be with you,

Horse 2318

My ally code - 782-355-577
Link to the guilds SWGOH.GG page - (Not all members of our guild have an SWGOH account)
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