Guide for required gear and location?

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Lots of good guides and sites out there, but I'm not seeing anything for all the gear a character needs at each level and where to find it.

I'm have extra energy to burn and would like to plan ahead is all.


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    I already spotted this problem out and the answer was "as of today, there is no place to look at. It's something we gotta work for in the future".
    So, there is no real good way to know where to spend your extra energies before having a character to gear up (believe me, makes me sad too)
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    I am having a problem locating where my mining credits are. How do I cash them in?
    Thank you!
  • zerizut
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    For gear requirements I love to use the following. You can choose different character levels and thereby the gear level. You can tap on the gear to see its parts. And tap on an ability to see, what's needed there.
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