What were the requirements to pass bb-8 mythic tier 3?

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I just saw that there's a challange on the Tier 3 Mythic BB-8,3 zeta mats


what team would I need to pass that one?I have zylo(G12) et UKR(G8),Phasma (G8) ,FO-TIEPILOT(G11)

The thing was that they had 100% turnmeter when they start,and insane speed,I got demolished,even with zylo when it launched


  • Liath
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    Tier 3 uses resistance, not FO.
  • wait what?

    So like it's passable with zeta finn & co?
  • Yes, the Mythic tier events allow you to use the character that you unlocked in the legendary event.
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    newbornFL wrote: »
    wait what?

    So like it's passable with zeta finn & co?

    Pretty much yea,

    If I remember correctly it had some weird extra ai stuff where they would all start with 100% TM and each of ur people would have an invisible taunt or something that went away after getting hit once so that they wouldnt just focus fire 1 person down in the opening barrage. I think it took me like 2-3 tries to beat it, just had to survive the early shenanigans.
  • Liath
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    Yes. The formula for mythics is tier 1 is the same as tier 7 of the legendary. Tier 2 you can use any team. Tier 3 you use the opposing team from what was required for the legendary and you have to use the character unlocked in the legendary.

    It’s still somewhat difficult/rng dependent with a zeta Finn team, but it’s doable if the characters are high enough gear to survive the opening barrage.

    ETA: I think they have to be 7* as well.
  • Oh,My resistance are good gear,

    GG thanks for answers,so i'll have 3 zetas free

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