Zeta advice please

Not sure what happened but my original post vanished twice now...


My roster. Guild is smallish (30M GP). We do HPIT easily and NAAT in a little over 1 refresh. HAAT has failed twice on P2. P1 is easy, takes 20 minutes. P2 we barely punch through. My Res team that does 4M in NAAT does 1M in HAAT.

Looking for zeta advice. Only have Kylo and Finn right now. It takes me 50 days per zeta farming from the store so I am paranoid and picky on them! I have 30 mats right now.

EP and DV have been geared up and leveled more but my acct has not synced recently. Dooku as well.

GW is fine. Arena is not a big concern, I am on a very old shard and only stick around in the 500-200 range on offense only (end up in 200's get knocked to 500's) using Res or Ewoks

Was going to Zeta R2 number crunch since I use him a lot but he is only 6* and then the rework came out.

My possible options I was looking at:
R2 Number Crunch still
Savage - I can try him in P3 HAAT if we make it, I can G11 him now so he survives
EP - Unique looks interesting
DV - leader still an option?
One of my Ewoks?

Looking for overall usage. I have no regrets using zFinn or Zylo at all. I use both a ton.

For fun I recently started using EP lead, DV, Savage, Dooku, RG. Not ideal but it is what I have to work with and does pretty well in GW battles. I doubt that would do anything in Arena.



  • Gotta get through phase two to even consider zeta for phase 3.
    Hit the gym.
  • I would avoid palps unique prolly wont make a huge difference. His lead shoulds be pretty good in territory battles not bad in arena either but prolly not a total gamechanger.

    If you wanna do Zavage in P3 i would advise against it unless you have several to do it with you. Just takes a long time. Zavage is awesome tho 1v5 teams in TW good in TB and GWas well, he's one of my favorite zetas.

    There's a good zVader lead team for P2 of the tank with zVader, Tie fighter, Tuskan shaman and maybe Sidious and Boba. you can look it up.

    Unique zeta Asajj is incredibly good at P4 on several different teams, after a few rounds she can take the turrets down in one aoe
  • There is an assist team Ackbar Cls Thrawn Asajj BB-8 that can solo P3 and 4 (might need zeta on Asajj unique and possibly luke's ibat unique zeta but i dont think Lukes is necessary) if anyone in your guild has those characters geared. BB-8's illuminated destiny is crazy good. He also really helps Resistance team.
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