Kill order for mythic tier three?

What’s the recommended kill order for third tier? Don’t have thrawn yet so would be doing with g12 palps g11 stormtrooper & tarkin g10 Vader and g8 RG. Have zeta on tarkin lead but none of others.


  • Then I would say the order won't matter. You're dead.
  • Tarkin lead should work. I did it with a similar team, but not Tark zeta and EP only gear 11. You just have to play it a few times before at least EP, Vader, and Tark survive. I did this:
    EP-power of the DS,
    Vader-Force crush
    EP-basic on Han
    Vader-culling blade on CLS for a kill
    Clean up on the rest, think i killed Rolo 2nd, the rest fell quick.
  • Prolly han first then wedge cls Rolo idk.
  • I prayed to RNGesus and it worked! CLS then han, wedge, Biggs, ROLO, chewi was order I managed it with. Cheers for all the replies and apologies for duplicate post wasn’t intended!
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