FO for BB8 Event

Iam currently preparing for the BB8 event as it is one of the last few I need to do and I need to know if the team Iam training is going to be able to do it?

Kylo Ren
Captain Phasma
FO Officer
FO TIE Fighter Pilot
TLJ Kylo Ren

I don't plan on using them for Arena or anything its just for the sole purpose of BB8 plus any guidence on who should lead, zeta and mods will help so Iam prepared for when he rolls around.


  • I would do TLJ Kylo lead, and level up regular Kylo as much as you can, if you have those two strong then the event is pretty easy
  • I used:
    G10 Zylo
    G8 Phasma
    G8 FOST
    G8 FOO
    G8 FOTFP

    As long as you have that zeta on the masked Kylo the rest are just filling spaces, i didn’t even have mods on anyone except Zylo.
    The most important thing is the kill order, i went for Han, Chewie, Rey, BB8, Finn
  • I beat it with g9 on Kylo, everyone else was g8.

    Kylo has max abilities but no zeta, he was level 80. The rest were around level 70 with abilities around 6.

    It took a couple tries but I wouldn’t waste a zeta just for that event. If anything, hoard our resources until the event starts and use what you need to beat it.
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  • You don't need high gear level OR any zetas. You can beat it just fine at G8/G9 with the original FO lineup. I did.
  • I used:
    G11 Zylo
    G8 Phasma
    G7 FOST
    G7 FOO
    G8 FOTFP

    Last man Standing was Zylo he won against Rey, Finn and bb8
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