LF Fleet Mates:Azza, Dresden,w1se, JleGeHda, kurywan,shadowolf,Toshi,Taita,Whisper,fury,Reg,Rawdog

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Hey fellas, we are a small band of rebels looking for members to go up against the evil Empire.
Our current shard is stagnant and new players moving up are not allowed to compete for top spots. When you join the main ship chat you are told where your allowed to place. This is worsened by the fact that there are 4 TI players that turn the shard against you should you try to make it on your own. They even have a blacklist so that your needlessly bumped during the day.
Our growing group wants to open the shard up for free competition between all payout players for their respective time slots. We don’t believe that players should cross payouts to interfere with other players.

We’ve had great success in the top 10 but our main goal is to have enough players to open the entire shard to fair play. If your a new player rising and want a good group of people to work with, give me a shout.

My Line ID is toxique84
Discord: toxique#7682


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    Still looking for people to join up? Thanks.
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