Big dog, little yard? Run wild with us. 35+ stars, 91mil gp, and counting

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Order of Starfyre is open for vetting.
Here's the deal:
We're currently at about 90mil gp, doing 35+ TB stars, and have won 4 of our last 5 TW's.
Heroic raids occur as tickets come in. Your 600 daily is highly encouraged, but not strictly enforced.
Raid times are always at 9pm EST, on the nose, after 24hr zero damage. No other rules; play as you'd like.
TW is not mandatory unless you have registered. Do or do not...
TB is completely mandatory, and well-structured. Follow the strategy, and we all gain maximum rewards; do your own thing, and find yourself looking for another guild.
No rules pertaining to daily challenges.
We use Discord for chit chat, strategy, news updates, and some cool bots. Speaking isn't required, but listening is.
We expect all new recruits to have at least 1.75mil GP, and either currently have or be actively working towards having the required characters for both ROLO and IPD shards.
Questions? Sound good? Did I forget something? Let me know:
Rmaxtpmx#0896 on Discord
Or just join and see if we're a mutual fit.
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