Need some help with Team-Set-Up

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Hey guys,

I think i need some help with my team management.
I now got plenty of chars and i would like to use ALL of them, i think that this is my biggest problem.
I hope you can help me, form the best Team possible for me.
Here are my Chars with amount of stars. (lvl is around 48)

Chewbacca 5
Barriss Offee 4
Greedo 5
Dooku 4
Leia 3
Jedi Counsul 4
Savage Opress 4
Ackbar 4
Old Daka 4
and some other 2,3 star chars

I realy like Leia with Greedo, but Leia is very squishy and hard to star up.
I like Savage Opress overall, but i dont think that he is a realy good char.
Im currently farming Luminara, hope she is worth it.

Thanks to all of you.
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  • You are gonna have trouble getting shards for a lot of those characters.

    I have heard Greedo is quite handy. I also think Ackbar is going to become very useful with Old Ben and Sidious being stalwarts of high level arena, and Vader working so well with those two.

    The problem is they both share the same currency, along with Sidious.

    For you wanted to make a great and annoying defence team you could try

    Old Daka

    You would struggle to kill anything but people would be cursing your name trying to beat you down.
  • From the selection you showed, I'd choose this combo....
    • Chewbacca 5
    • Barriss Offee 4
    • Greedo 5
    • Dooku 4
    • Old Daka 4

    You can swap Chewie and Greedo back and forth and I'd work on building your Savage Opress, he'll be great at higher levels, good damage.....
  • Thanks for the advices.
    Very sad, that Barriss was hit by the nerf.
    So i think i have to replace her.
    And i think, that i have to stop leveling Greedo/Opress to get that op Sidious. :/
  • Play Leia, you wont regret it
  • I like her, but staring her up is nearly impossible.
  • I was lucky in my few pulls, havent spent much but got shards and than her so shes 3 star and really doing wonders in my aggro quick team for GW. I would love to get hands on more shards, like 5 star would be really great but that cost some investment.

  • Tou need to stop investing in all. Select one player percurrency and stick to them. If you are farming Lumi the tou are at GW. Only do Luminara until 7*. Your team lacks offense. Sometimes the best defense if getting ridnof the most dangerous enemy in enemy team. Daka attack is a joke. Chewy is a joke. Barris is the father of offensive jokes. No offense! She dies no damage. People use Barris to refresh their cooldowns on GW. The are not at all bad characters, they just lack offense.

    Chewy - you use this guy only when you team has squishy heavy hitters.

    Old Daka - she is good so long as you focus on max gear and only farm her in Cantina ashipments util 7*. Her heal is weak. She is weak. But, she has a heal. And she can Stun. Doku can stun as well. In arena, you can stun anyone almost guaranteed. One or the other will work. I tend to stun anyone in the enemy line that is chained to a bad outcome from me. Like, I srun their taunter, and the other 4 focus on eg. Ben. Or if there is Sid, he dies first. Dealing with his AoE, his heal immunity, and damage over time, is a pain. If they have a taunter, I stun him asap.

    So your team can use:

    Doku (ensure tou have 100% counter!)
    Daka (ensure you gear her up!)
    Luminara (max her offense skills)

    And the rest? Start working on Consular instead of Chewy. Phase him out slowly. Consular can heal team, decent HP pool, hits hard at high levels. His primary problem is that is hard to gear up. I use Talia instead, which uses Cantina energy as well. But Consular Could have been almost as good.

    The other chars....Barris is only great paired with more offensive teams. You can use her on GW and she is not bad. But in a high defense team, you will lose because tou tale forver to kill, and your low HP chars will die too fast.
  • Was not lazy the last time and i bit lucky.

    Need some advice for another team Set Up.
    I will list up the Chars with (Stars/Gear)
    All are around lvl 53
    My actual team first:
    Luminara (5/7)
    Greedo (5/7) will be dropped for Sidious
    Consul (5/7)
    Daka (4/6)
    Dooku (4/6)

    And here are some chars for Switching in
    Chewbacca (5/6)
    Barriss (4/6)
    Leia (3/6)
    Savage Opress (4/6)
    Ackbar (4/6)
    Boba Fett (4/6)

    The Problem is, that i really want to play the Boba Fett, but:
    Im not sure which char to switch out.
    There are just 2 valid options for me to drop for Boba: Daka or Dooku
    But its hard to lvl 2 chars at the same time with the same Tokens (Cantina), otherwise Dooku seems to be unpromotable at the moment to me.

    Hope you can help me with that decision.
  • I agree with Preemo_Magin. I use Dooku to stun their taunter, or Sid, or healer if their turn meter is built up. Other than that I have mainly offensive characters and Luminara for healing.

    I have Sidious lead
    Darth Maul

    I use Dooku to stun if needed and other than that I use everyone to weaken their weakest character and then use Anakin's smite to boost everyone's attack. This really helps Darth Maul, and he can just mow people down.

    Anyways I'm not that high level, generally in the 400 range, but my guys are only 4 star with level 4 skills etc. And I just got to level 50. I rarely lose attacking, but apparently the computer sucks playing my guys cause I get dropped in level often. Lol

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