Arena Ranking, where are you?


  • i usually end up around 40-50 at drop time and then get bumped to around 70 during the day.
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    I've wondered about this strategy. But on the other hand, if you wait to play then aren't people bumping you down already from where you ended yesterday? So you spend your first several matches just climbing back to your old rank, and wind up in about the same place no matter when you play?

    Its a gamble any way you decide to use your plays. I guess it depends on the time zones most people on your server are that dictate when you get bumped.

    The way I see it though, you're going to get bumped regardless. You get five shots every 24 hours to move back up, so doing it at the end of the cycle gives you more control over your final rank. You can refresh that list until you get the highest possible ranked opponent and move a considerable distance in five hops. If you move up first, you're giving people nearly 18 hours to bump you any number of spots.

    It could be all luck, too. You might get attacked 10 times by people one level below you and move only 10 spots back, or 10 times by people 25 below and drop 250.

    It might be six of one, half a dozen of the other but it just feels better to me to do it near the end.
    I'm not sure there is a guaranteed strategy haha.
  • Your PvP arena finish really depends on which leaderboard your team is on. My leaderboard has way too many heavy spenders, just cracking into top 100 is very difficult. Most of the top 25 on this leaderboard already reached the level 60 cap. I do daily 50 crystal refills and some 100 crystal refills and my team is only at Level 52. We played since the worldwide launch in late November. I wish I can switch to a different leaderboard.
  • As of now #30
  • No. People on your same server may have different award times. So during the day they may be doing their rush to climb the ladder to get to a spot, while you are still hours away from the award. If you compete with them during that time you are just wasting your free battles.

    Personally, I save my battles until about an hour before my award. Look at who's moving up and down to see who my competition is and then attack accordingly. I try and stay away from people who are trying to hold a spot until the very end since they are the ones most likely to counter attack.

    Until EA fixes/removes the ability for people to jump 10 spots at a time, this is the game we are forced to play.
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    @Rutank what is the point to spend crystal to get back to top 100? The point of Arena is earn crystals and Arena Token, not the other way lol

    you guys realized everyone are in different server. So you might be top 100 or top 10. It all depend how strong is the players in your server. Just because you are top 10 doesn't mean anything to my server.

  • Im usually around top 3, there are some heavy spenders on my server, but luckily a lot of them are not in my time zone :)
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    21-50 is the bracket I usually end up getting. I lose too many ranks overnight while I sleep to push top 20 without paying for refreshes.

    If you wait until an hour or two before 6pm to use your chances if you're able, you'll get the highest rank possible before your reward. Less chance for people to bump you. :)
    I've wondered about this strategy. But on the other hand, if you wait to play then aren't people bumping you down already from where you ended yesterday? So you spend your first several matches just climbing back to your old rank, and wind up in about the same place no matter when you play?
    It has been my experience that the higher you finish the less you fall, but there would be many things that contribute to this I'm sure.

    I've not been lower than about 16 since I stimmed into the top ten.
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  • Up to 30. Not bad for FTP (except for dooku and the one week $5 crystal pack).
  • @keaven Two nights ago, I went to sleep at rank two. Woke up 7 hours later, was at 5. 13 hours after that (shift worker), I was at 26 and my award in the mail that day was 20. This morning, I had dropped myself to rank 5, got my mail for rank 13 and it's where I'm still sitting now.

    Higher you are, less you fall - confirmed, in my eyes.
  • As of the last 10 days or so i have placed between 4 - 50. rank 4 rewards only happened once. But i have always been under 50 at the proc of rewards. i have put in a total of $10.
  • Rank 1-10. 100% f2p.
  • I'm in top 5, occasionaly rank 1. Softcore p2w player.
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  • Just got rank 1 (but just missed reward as #1 was inbattle too long). It's always been a "young" server and top 10-20 was easy. Being ranked higher definitely makes it easier to stay their. I bought the early packs which helped, but stopped using dooku a long time ago.

    The server has matured rapidly of late and lvl 60 7* opponents are the norm now.

    I only have two words of advice for arena: Luminara, Daka
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    Been top 10, hover around 100-200 most of the time, don't feel it's worth burning crystals for bragging rights when I still need shards and equip.
  • I got REALLY lucky in that I recently got on a new server so people were only lvl 10 at the top. I was able to push up to rank 20 over five days of constantly maximized play (then immediately slapped back to 24 and who knows where now before the payout). Server's highest level player on leaderboard is 46 now (next highest is 42). There is no possible way to achieve this without spending AT LEAST $150+++ in the app store. I bought the 7day crystals pack for $5 and heroine pack for bariss, etc,, to try and keep up some; however, it is futile. I'm using every possible resource I can generate and can't even get close.

    I find a MAJOR problem is the dark side starter pack change from Dooku to Greedo. Greedo is completely useless. I apparently joined the game literally right after Dooku was replaced by Greedo as I have no way to get him now other than VERY slow farm on only two campaign slots. It is STUPID AS HELL. Every person in the top 40 on my server is using Dooku (and often a couple other toons that could not be obtained in less than a month+ of FTP style).

    For those of us who did not have an opportunity for Dooku in the pack the game is essentially broken on the competitive side. Sure, you can use other toons and work like hell at it and maybe get a couple ranks here and there but most good toons don't drop in chromium packs (dooku, old daka, luminara, etc.). You need to win at competitive style play (arena and galactic) to even have a chance and it's two weeks to a month in FTP to even get close (or, longer if you weren't lucky to get on a fairly new server as I was). By then you are out of the mix for competitive. I'm just hoping I can hold out at higher payouts long enough to get Dark Sidious before I completely get out bid for top rank. Or, can bear the crawl long enough for everyone to level cap and the top slots to even out to just strategy and skill.

    Face it. The game is 100% pay to win until level cap. No holds barred. If you want to push, you gotta pay. Otherwise, be content with not having many 'fun' or 'good' toons for a very long time (like 3+ months for some).

    I highly recommend if you want to drop into this universe to bring about $300-500 with you if you value your time and want to just have fun with different party builds.

    TL;DR: Buy Bariss, she rocks. Be prepared to pay-to-win if you want a decent pace to collecting toons and progress (like less than 60days). Accept there are some 'uber' toons (like Dooku) you may never see unless you fork over tons of crystals on a couple campaign areas. At least you can get Rey in Chromium packs... if you pay (or, save your couple hundred crystals a day for a month or three).
  • Been playing for a couple weeks now, about to top rank 20s .
  • rank #1.

    0 dollar spend.

    Use up all my crystals to hasten the wait time in Arena.

    Back to mindless crystal farming.
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    I usually go get my reward around rank 350 to 450 and fall to anywhere from 550 to 900 while i sleep and work. i almost never spend crystals on a fresh set of fights. early on i did get to rank 4 during the first type of pvp, rank 8 with AoE quick battle pvp style, and lived in the top 200 until about a month ago. I am on the first server from soft launch, i bought the dooku starter pack, and just 20$ of crystals once that i mostly used on energy refreshes.
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    People that say they place top 50 and don't spend money are usually lying. Those brackets people are paying for extra plays (past the 5 limit) and knocking people out of the higher ranks. I don't buy crystals so I just play to get into the 300s to cement that bracket and collect my 600 + my 100 daily. That's almost 2 purchases a day. It helps that twice this last week I got 2 duplicate emails for arena wins tripling the winnings, LOL. Arena is getting kind of boring though, playing the same Dooku, Chewie and Bariss teams. This game needs some special events and quick.

    They are not lying man. I've spent 30€ in total.
    More than 10 days since I spent last time.
    Today I went to number one at 06:00pm.

    I had 100 gems sparred in case I needed them for more fights. I used 50 to jump from 7th to 4th and then 1st.

    Usually I stay in top 20 or top 10 with only the 5 battles.
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  • Im trying to stay top 50. But most of the time i just get being top60. No money used.
    I love this game it gives although enough opportunities for f2p players.
  • I do not think people understand how many servers there are...the biggest factor in your rank as f2p is what server you are on. Depending on your server you can be anywhere from rank 1 to rank 1000+ with the exact same team and strats.
  • I cant do better than rank 350
  • I think my best was around 1100. I have been playing a couple of weeks, lvl 48. My best chars have 4 stars. Have spent about $20. It is hard to build up characters. I could spend the money to get built up, but that seems like no fun. Trying to figure out if I like this game or hate it.
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    I have spent $15, Dooku and 2 daily crystals.
    I have been under 50 for about 3 weeks getting as low as 19 once. Changed my team to one that shouldnt lose as many fights and hoping top 20 for a while.
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    I was sitting at #4 for a while trying to beat the guy who is currently in #4 in the pic. He's using the following team. It looks like it has good synergy and has 3k more power than me but with my F2P team I was able to take him out in 2 turns without any casualties on my team.

    6* Captain Phasma
    6+* Kylo Ren (his has more hp than mine)
    FO Tie Pilot (must be high star.packs a huge punch)
    6-7* Leia

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    I finish at #1 when I feel the desire. Otherwise just content to sit in top 10.
  • Rank 1 gives 500 crystals.6-10 gives 250. Why would you NOT want to be #1?
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    finished 19 with 1 attack left. I could have tried to take 10 but I didnt think I could win based on power and hero lead.
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