New Raid is kicking my @$$ and I Love It

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I've been playing this game since launch as f2p and was starting to lose interest when things come so easily. This raid is hard as crap and gives my guild and I the kind of legitimate challenge we need to press forward.

Though it's probably a tad too difficult , I am happy that the opposite isn't true and am confident it will be adjusted. It's nice a new opportunity for my officers and I to lead in a meaningful way.



  • Definitely gives everyone something to work towards (even if it is JTR squads). Maybe for this one though they should've made the requirements gear related instead of star related though. Third day in now and my guild (85 mill roughly) has hit 50% in phase one! Gonna have to drop a tier or two I reckon for the next one raid!
  • This whole raid is a failure. Can’t see anyway through it without spending a fortune on sion an visas.
  • Cossin
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    In my guild I am the only one with a proper meta team (JTR) and I only deal 5.000.000 damage per day... the rest only around 500.000 max...
    Tier 6...
    It‘s crazy and I love it, but will I be able to get Traya without changing guilds? I highly doubt it
  • Yeah I haven't even had a lot of time for it and I love that it is destroying me. Wish I had JTR but this thing is pretty cool.
  • Yeah I'm having good fun so far. Just into P3 now.

    P2 is my favourite so far
  • HK666
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    My favorite is when your DN get hit with the annihilate and then turns around and annihilates right back for full health
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