Team theory crafting: Phase 3&4

So the idea of incorporating ST Han has been making it around, and I've been mulling over team options. I've seen people putting STH in Rey teams (big surprise), but what about those of us without Rey? We need characters that can go often to trigger STH, and some kind of turn meter removal that's unresistable. I think a viable solution (and one that many people already have geared and Zeta'd) would be Zader. The team is as follows:

Zader (L), Krennic, Death Trooper, ST Han, Visas Marr.

Now, Visas isn't farmable just yet, so we're talking a future team for everyone except whales, but consider what this team would do. Han does his thing, Vader allows for turn meter removal, then the Krennic/DT combo kicks in so that DT is attacking constantly, allowing for more turn meter removal as well as Deathmark damage. On top of that, Visas assists all the time, as well as giving defense penetration and healing off the damage done by Nihilus during phase 4. That means more damage done from Bonds Of Weakness, making DT insanely consistent if he has his Zeta, and viable even without due to the extra turn meter from STH. Once Visas is free to play, I bet this team would absolutely shred the last two phases.


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