Laid back (but not too laid back) HAAT guild needs 3 players

Hey Holotable Heroes!

Southwest Force is a semi-casual guild that has heroic rancor and Haat on farm.
Let me explain the "semi-casual" first. We want all our members to take part in every raid, every event and get their 600 daily raid tickets but we understand that real life happens so we are always understanding of that.
We have alternating raid times to accommodate players in multiple time zones and people that have kids to get to bed. We do have a 24 hour lock out on the rancor and the tank to make sure everyone at least gets something.
We are currently sitting around the 65m gp mark and are actively pushing forward in TB and do very well in TW.
Our guild has sadly, just lost 3 players do to them becoming bored of the game.
The rest of the guild is not bored and wants to do well, so... moving forward we would like 3 people to fall in and fill our ranks.

There are a couple of things that are required from a player that wants to join us.
An absolute minimum of 1m gp, discord and lvl 85 are required. There is zero wiggle room on those requirements, folks so if you don't have those things, I wish you luck but you are not for us.

If this sounds like something you may be interested in, please message me on here or contact me on discord. DarthZeroDan#1814
If all is well, we can get you in and you can be a part of the TW that is about to launch and win some prizes with your new in game home.


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