Dooku under Nihilus vs p1 worth it?

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Basically title.

Dooku goes nuts under DN lead, this is known. Counter to full health consistently. As a bonus he doesn't feed raid DN protection bc he's got none to give.

But is the bonus countering worth all the speed that it feeds raid DN? I feel like another toon would be better under Nihilus because the boss would be slower, and thus more manageable


  • RacerDejak
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    But dooku will have defence down debuff all the time bcause he's keeping use his basic. Idk, but i feel it's not good :frowning:
  • KKatarn
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    It is not good in phase 1 as racerDejak pointed out.
  • vegainz
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    Under DN lead, your sith have 0 protection, so even with defense down, they can’t feed any protection to the boss
  • vegainz
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    I wouldn’t invest a zeta on Dooku, but if you’ve got it, it’s a decent team that will do some damage, and it’s gonna be over pretty straightforward
    Maybe a better usage would be Dooku under Zader, just give Dooku a crap ton of tenacity, so that he resist Defense down. Then he can really help out with the TMR by going so often
  • Migux7
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    Works better on Phase 2, my under geared team did 300k dooku did 100k just by himself. and his attacks cant be countered by Sion
  • kalidor
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    While you don't give nihilus any protection, dooku will constantly have defense down and that speeds up how often he can use anihilate. That'll likely cut your damage scoring short as it's difficult to manage the impervious buff when Nih is anihilating that often.
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  • HK666
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    Defense down only gives annihilate when he uses Force Drain or whatever. Which if I'm managing well I can just use Dooku's lightning or target an add to avoid.

    Dooku Zeta is near useless under DN lead because no protection to regain. In fact if raid DN steals crit immunity his cooldown go down, which is worse and not worth 15% counter damage

    I haven't had a problem with Dooku surviving because his defense is lowered, but tbh I'm only fighting t4

    As I said, the main concern is Dooku speeding up DN with that 100% counter chance.

    I've thought about zetaing Vader lead and putting Dooku in, but all the double attacks would likely generate protection for raid Dn
  • HK666
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    If anyone cares, I switched out Dooku for zeta Sion (making my team DN L, Palp, Vader, Sion, Sass) and did much more damage. Dooku justs feeds a lot of speed with those counters.

    Zeta Sion tanks pretty well, with the zeta constantly taunting. It does speed up the annihilate and the drain force a bit tho. That was manageable and was able to get Held by Hatred off.

    I suspect swapping out Palp and maybe Vader for toons less debuff reliant would increase the damage even more (Maruader and... Sidious? Probably Traya in a while). The best thing the Imperial Sith have going for them is two specials means less basics, which matters less under DN lead.
  • Jedi_Bane
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    Dooku with unbreakable will recovers like 50% of his health when he counters nihilus if that helps.
  • HK666
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    The entire point of this post is to see if Dooku is a slot on a team

    Dooku's counters makes him more or less immortal until enrage happens, but they also feed hella speed to the raid boss, especially because he double taps (or more)

    Now after posting this I replaced the g10 Dooku with a g9 4* zeta Sion and did significantly more damage. And Sion is a tank not an attacker.

    while one has got to be careful around annihilate if drain force is gonna be the move he uses next turn, using five Sith that aren't Dooku is very manageable.

    the team I mentioned, g10 DN (L), g11 Palp, g 9 4* zeta Sion, g10 DV, g10 5* Sass, was able to put up just under 2 mil against t4's p1. It averages closer to 1.2-1.5 mil. And as I said, I think it can get even better, but the point was that it's a lot better than the .5-1 mil that they were putting up until Dooku was replaced
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