Heroic Tank Raid without Time Limit...?

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Welp. I'm sorry if this is a stupid question or I'm posting this in the wrong part of this forum, but this has got me puzzled and I can't figure out if this is true or if it's a display error or whatever, but the *Heroic* version of this Raid is listed without the usual time limit stamp:


So I'm just........ Yeah. I possibly shouldn't hope this is true, but at the same time I don't want to waste our hard earned Raid Tickets to find out if it is (we're the tiniest Guild that takes weeks to finish the Normal Tank Raid and earning those tickets takes time for us as well.)

......on the other hand I can dream to one day unlock Youngbi-Wan.. orz

Can anyone clear this up for me, please?


  • JKRevan
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    Time limit is still in effect. 48 hours still, with no roster refresh.
  • There's 48h limit, but even if there wasn't you can still see that it says "Roster Refresh - Never". So even if you had Unlimited amount of time it would still be pointless if you don't have the teams to tackle it down.
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