Who’s tried using BOTH Nihilis and Death Trooper under zEP?

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Title says it all.

Seen a lot of different Sith/Empire mash-ups under zEP but not this one yet. I’d imagine that the double cool-down increase to begin a match would be a pretty tough hurdle to overcome... not to mention that Deathmark will trigger before Annihilate. DT has a strong health pool, and his biggest weakness (speed) ought to be mitigated somewhat by the leadership ability.

I’d think Thrawn would make the best fifth, but Tarkin, ShT, SiT, GK would all be plenty strong too.

So anybody out there try this composition yet? If so what did you think?


  • HK666
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    I remember DN and DT being used for the same double cd increase in the past. Don't know if it's still relevant now.

    Especially cuz some teams are so much faster (cough cough JTR) that DT would be wiping buffs pretty often.
  • Dryff
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    You need to run a tank, so yeah you'd basically be giving up Thrawn for DT. I've seen a couple people in my shard who had Deathtrooper in the squad once or twice, but since they've switched back, I'm assuming it's not as effective as Thrawn/Sion/Tarkin.
  • Dt is great but without dk aren't supereffective, dk grants him damage.boost e tm boost, for me if you want to use him insert also krennic. Before rework i can beat all meta team with thrawn lead dk dt shore and storm, but now palp and vader are so better
  • I run this all the time. Normally Kenobi is my 5th, but against a Rex lead I go tankless and run Death instead. It works awesome.
  • Chagoth
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    Not addressing the Nihilus/Deathtrooper combo specifically but I was running an Emperor, Vader, Shore, Thrawn, Tarkin team and never getting higher than 147 in Arena. Replaced Tarkin with Death 2 days ago and now I'm 53.
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