Poggle evade

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All max gear characters with Sid as lead.
My Sid goes, opponent Sid goes...both aoe.

Then my poggle goes before GS and HRS which are both faster

Anyone else seeing this or have an explanation?
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  • El_Duderino
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    This could be it:
    "Metal Hive – Poggle the Lesser gains 6% Evasion for each living Droid ally. In addition, Poggle the Lesser gains 25% Turn Meter on Evade."
  • Yep, it is the TM gain on dodges, as said by El_Duderino.

    I love facing Sid with my Poggle because of that. If he dodges he buffs Geo before he acts
  • That's gotta be it, it rarely if ever happens turn 1 which is why it seemed so strange, thanks.
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