We need a buff in T6 and lower rewards for sith raid

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2-10 salvage is unacceptable for T6 raid rewards when heroic rewards are dropping 1-4 full crafted g12 pieces. And for the love of everything that’s right. If the we can get the gear from challenges and we have 1000s of it don’t put it as a rewarded for your end game raid. Take a little pride in what guy guys do.


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    The heroic tier of the sith raid is dropping multiple pieces of fully crafted G12 gear. Needless to say the gap between the T7 and T6 rewards are enormous. Can we get a statement from the devs that the raid rewards for T7 are WAI? I don’t want to hear later on after months of pouring in resources to clear T7 that the rewards are being nerfed. Especially not after the Team It Stinks and the other kraken guilds have had incredible dropss for months on end.
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