PVP team help

Currently my team is
5* Sid
4* Talia
4* Dooku
4* Chew
3* Lumi

I have 3* Ashoka, 3* Savage Opress and 3* Jawa

Should I replace my chew with either Savage or Ashoka or should I farm another replacement ?


  • Barrok
    1753 posts Member
    I would just pick your top 5 that you think you can work on the easiest and will be good contributors.

    Obviously Sid, Lumi is a must (i feel). Talia is easy to level up, and same with Chewie. Dooku sucks at getting past 4* but he works for the time being.

    Ashoka is just a poor mans lumi, and Jawa's unique ability needs other jawa's so I would avoid him.
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