ALLIΔNCE Pi DeltΔ is looking for strong, active players. Friendly guild with great community.

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ALLIΔNCE Pi DeltΔ (DeltΔcorns) is looking for strong, active players. We are a heroic guild with a focus on teamwork, growth, and community. ALLIΔNCE Pi DeltΔ is part of the Pi family of guilds and a member guild of THE ALLIΔNCE. We have the knowledge of 2000 players in our online community and a strong sense of loyalty to our members within the 5 guilds that make up Pi. We value positivity, teamwork, and participation over GP. We value communication - both up and down - within our guilds. We value members that want to be successful as a group.

Guild info:
Guild Reset: 2230 UTC        
* We run 2 HAAT and 3 HPit per week
* Our GP is 88M, we received 34LS/29DS stars on the last TBs
* We're competitive, but we understand that real life comes first. We won’t kick you if you are off the game, just let one of our officers know
* Our
* RHAN/GK on farm

* 600 tickets
* 1.5M+ Galactic Power (preferred)
* Fully active in TB/TW - willingness to follow deployment and battle commands
* CHS, Hoth Twins, Starck, and Imperial Troopers (Starck and Imp Troopers in progress is acceptable)
* Discord account
* account

* Heroic Pit - 24h 0 damage, rotating schedule 2300 UTC and 2000 UTC        
* HAAT - 24h 0 damage, 2300 UTC
* New Sith Raid evaluation in process - cleared T3-T5
* All members must use Discord
* All members must have an up-to-date to view player rosters and coordinate TB

DM me directly on Discord to start the conversation.
Discord ID: ott0bot#4511
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